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How to Increase Marijuana Yields

How to Increase Marijuana Yields

Increase Your Marijuana Yield – 5 Tips

You are making a budget before you start any of this, right? Because that’s so important we hope it didn’t need to be mentioned. 5. Pot Type Different types of pots can really impact the growth of your crop, and thus their yield. For best results, serious growers opt for air pots or smart pots.

Stepping up the intensity of the light source, although expensive, is going to boost the photosynthetic process further. 7. Defoliation, However, this should be done during the flowering stage, when a plant’s energy is being used to grow flowers. Avoid defoliating during the vegetative stage, as you don’t want to inhibit growth.

Side Lighting Just like plant training techniques aims to maximize the plant’s exposure to light, another way to achieve this is by adding supplemental lighting. But rather than simply adding more overhead lights, consider investing inside lighting. In doing so, So rather than most of the light being absorbed by the canopy, there is a much more even distribution across the plant(s).

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Humidity is also crucial to monitor, with levels between 50–70% being perfect, depending on the stage of the plant’s development. 10. Additional CO₂ Though the evidence is not entirely conclusive, many people are of the opinion that introducing extra CO₂ into a grow can increase the overall yield. While this may be the case, it is not recommended for the average home grower.

Likewise, though CO₂ may not be toxic, it can still be dangerous to push oxygen levels down. So we recommend considering this method only once all others have been mastered. 11. Nutrition Something that will need to be precise throughout every stage of cultivation is nutrition. Bare that in mind if you live in a drought-prone region.

Obviously, we all want massive yields of the most potent bud around, but you’re likely to be disappointed if you set your expectations too high. For novice growers, getting any kind of crop is an achievement. In the quest for monster buds, row it back a step. Focus on growing well, practising, and the rest will follow naturally.

6 Keys To Maximizing Cannabis Yields (Handle These For …

: It probably goes without saying that it’s important to have a grower in charge of your facility who is experienced and skilled at commercial plant production. What I have found is that experienced growers have a great appreciation for timing and good attention to detail. In commercial plant production, doing things on time can greatly influence the yields.

If you’re pruning too late or you’re not de-leafing sufficiently, a lot of that plant energy will go into leaf production or stem production. There’s less flower as a result, so doing things on time can increase yield substantially. Those kinds of skills come with growers who have 10 years of experience as commercial growers.

My suggestion is to stop growing that plant — to switch it out. In my experience, if a greenhouse doesn’t really work, it can dramatically decrease cannabis yields. By working, I mean the goal of any greenhouse is to provide optimal growing conditions for the plant. If the growing conditions are chronically outside of optimum ranges, the plant is going to suffer and as a result, the yield is going to suffer.

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On the flip side of that, we want a greenhouse that can effectively maintain that temperature or less during the hottest days of the year. These are greenhouses that use a combination of shade cloth that either filters the light coming in or reflects it off the greenhouse and then some type of cooling (either dehumidification or fan-and-pad system).

7 7 5 The 3 G’s for Increasing Cannabis Yields Jonathan Katz ([email protected]) is a freelance writer and owner of JSK Communications. See all author stories here. .

Growing cannabis is easy. It’s basically a weed. It’s even called weed. And like a weed, it just grows on its own. Getting the maximum yield from your marijuana plant is another story. A plant left to its own devices out in nature will grow well, but the yield will be small and of low quality.

Closing The Yield Gap For Cannabis: A Meta-analysis Of …

And that is the biggest benefit to growing indoors. You control everything. You can give your plants exactly what they need and if you do, they will reward you with monster yields. But what do they need? Unfortunately, there is a ton of conflicting information out there. And a lot of it focuses on time-consuming tasks or expensive equipment that result in only small improvements.

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